A content creation app formerly known as “Over” and acquired by GoDaddy in 2020. Below is a snippet of work I did over the years.

Creative Direction

UI/UX Design



Design Systems





GoDaddy Studio is a content creation app that empowers everyday entrepreneurs to design distinctive and creative social media content with ease. I was the second designer and built the design team from the ground up since 2016 when the app was known as "Over".

Over was acquired by GoDaddy at the beginning of 2020 and has since become an integral part of the GoDaddy suite of products for small business owners wanting to establish a presence and sell online.


Over the years, I've worn many hats in the design space of the company. From Head of Design, Management and Principal roles, I have always remained a hands-on Product Designer even when guiding other designers and teams. As a Principal Product Designer at GoDaddy, I led cross-functional, fully remote design teams on various initiatives across Mobile and Web.

My day-to day focus was on the core creative experience of GoDaddy Studio. I was responsible for bringing the vision and strategy for this area of the product to life. A lot of this was rooted in zero to one projects and exploring new opportunities for business growth through creative tooling – all across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and Web.

I also had a leadership role, which led to working cross-functionally and often cross-discipline a lot of the time. I was required to be more spread across the business and influence design decisions and standards across many different projects and surfaces. I always prioritize team before my own initiatives and made sure that designers were setup to deliver their best work alongside my own.

A few key areas and team-related functions I fulfilled were:


Core Product Design

Product Vision & Strategy

Design Quality & Cohesion

Define Systems


Leading Design Teams

Creative Direction



GoDaddy Studio is available on iOS, Android, and Web. If you require any in-depth details on the above subset of work, feel free to reach out to me. There is too much to showcase or cover here in its entirety.

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